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of the Day

Marken Communications' associates are highly professional, highly ethical. and highly motivated to do the best they possibly can for every client. While every member of the agency has his or her major responsibilities, senior management and junior staffers work side by side in an environment of mutual respect with a strong sense of urgency, excellence, and loyalty for clients.

The agency is dependent on the quality of its people and has a responsibility to these people.

Members of the agency are chosen because they:
  • Have a high degree of integrity
  • Are willing to tell clients what they should hear, rather than what they want to hear
  • Are highly intelligent, resourceful, and results-oriented
  • Have the ability to work as team players inside the agency as well as with client management
  • Have the ability to work in a quality manner even under extreme pressure. and gain personal satisfaction for their contributions, efforts, and activities carried out for clients

Because quality corporate and marketing communications are the results of individual and group performance, agency members are encouraged to not only work hard but to also gain satisfaction from individual and group performance.

As a result, all of the members of the team develop a strong professional attitude about themselves and their clients. At the same time, they understand that because they are the best, they must do the best job possible for their clients.

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