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of the Day

News Releases

Objective - Build a broad awareness that the company is a major factor in the marketplace

Procedure - Conduct a continuing program of releases on:

  • Personnel appointments
  • Promotions
  • Speech summaries
  • Plant additions/expansions
  • Major contracts
  • Acquisitions
  • Technical papers
  • Financials

New Product Roll-Out

Objective - Provide maximum exposure and explanation of new products major and minor to obtain quality, qualified prospects as soon as products are available to the market

Procedure - Develop a program of interleaved activities which ensures both in-depth and broad coverage, including exclusive lengthy product features (with cover articles when timing and products are right), product technical articles, product featurettes, company/marketing industry position articles, approach-to-problem articles, management interview articles, key city editorial tours, and broad general news release coverage

Company/Product Feature Articles

Objective - Provide the business, financial, and prospective user communities with insight into:

  • Who the company is
  • The people involved
  • The growth and direction of the company
  • The products/applications/successes

Procedure - Provide key editors with:

  • Outlines
  • Backgrounders
  • Photography
  • Fact files
  • Completed articles

Technical Articles

Objective - Provide an in-depth discussion of the company's products

  • How they were developed (design criteria)
  • What they do
  • How they do it
  • Results achieved
  • Possible applications

Procedure - Obtain inputs and documentation from marketing and technical staff to produce articles and, once approved, place articles in key horizontal/ vertical publications

User Application Articles

Objective - Promote the successful results of firms that are using the products

Procedure - Develop a continuing series of user success articles in horizontal and vertical publications

Special Issue Support

Objective - Ensure that every time a business or trade publication covers the subject of the client's market area, the company and its products are mentioned

Procedure - Monitor editorial calendars to provide information and materials for special issues. develop special articles for the publications (trend, technology, application) and management interviews

Article Reprints

Objective - Maximize the value of third-party endorsements

Procedure - Obtain reprints of articles to be distributed to:

  • Customer
  • Prospects
  • Share owners
  • Brokers/analysts Sales offices

External Publication

Objective - Establish and build image of company, products, and applications among users, prospects, general business and financial community, and media

Procedure - Develop and produce a quarterly publication of company activities, product and new development activities. user group activities, and user success stories

Trade Shows

Objective - Increase company recognition/memorability

Procedure - Develop a modular approach for displays to lend a look of uniformity, provide comprehensive press kits, arrange editorial meetings, coordinate editorial follow-up, develop p~show publicity, develop mailers and handouts to stimulate traffic

Seminar Program

Objective - Bring together prospective customers in an educational environment to discuss:

  • Needs
  • Goals
  • How the company can assist

Procedure -Hold one-day seminars around the country at individual office cities

  • Morning session
  • Management overview
  • Afternoon session
  • Technical discussions

Users Group PR

Objective - Increase attendance at user group meetings, strengthen user relations, support

Procedure - Develop releases on seminar topics/locations, develop/ coordinate programs/activities, develop releases on users' presentations, develop graphics for presentations, and promote group proceedings

Meeting Presentations

Objective - Increase the business, financial, and technical communities' awareness of the company, its products, and capabilities

Procedure - Offer knowledgeable company speakers to targeted groups/ organizations, summarize/edit presentation for major article placement, and develop speech summary news releases

Editorial Tour

Objective - Establish the company as an aggressive and newsworthy leader in the industry

Procedure - Conduct one-on-one meetings with senior editors (annual tour of major editorial offices and meetings with visiting editors) and develop corporate "white paper" information packages

Financial Relations

Objective - Increase the knowledge and understanding of the company among the analyst/brokerage community; stimulate support among shareholders

Procedure - Meet SEC requirements with prompt and accurate disclosure of information

  • Major press announcements
  • Shareholder welcome program
  • Quarterly/annual reports
  • Annual meeting
  • Financial community liaison
  • Analyst group presentations


Objective - Promote/publicize the technical and business reputation of the company to yield:

  • Increased sales
  • Increased profits

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