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Market Research

To develop a strong and effective communications program, it is important to know what your prospects need and what they think of you. This permits the client and the agency to develop and use the most effective combination of communications avenues and messages to produce profitable results. In addition, there is the need for periodic follow-up research to determine if the messages are being properly received or whether they must be refined to improve their effect.

Graphic Identity Programs

A company's name and presentation are perhaps its most important properties. Marken Communications helps clients develop corporate and product names, design logos, and apply them to stationery, packages, brochures, ads, signs, posters, and other visual media to ensure a strong and consistent company identity and presentation.

Marketing Consultation

Marketing consultation is often helpful because we bring to our clients a broad background of experience and expertise in diverse yet similar situations. Often, management is so close to the problems that they are unable to see easily available solutions. Marken Communications assists management by identifying these areas, recommending solutions, and assisting in carrying them out.


An indispensable ingredient in the company's marketing effort, good advertising must be hard-hitting and user/benefits-oriented. The agency's goal is to develop advertising for its clients that clearly and concisely presents the clients' products and/or services. These ads are designed to produce immediate and positive actions from the reader.

Merchandising Aids

Merchandising aids are essential in many marketing programs, since merchandising and product visibility/differentiation are so important today. Marken Communications assists clients with display design and artwork, printed merchandising materials, special promotions, point-of-purchase campaigns, and dealer co-op programs.


No idea or product can be sold until it is properly presented. This calls for the effective presentation of the company, product, service, and/or idea in cost effective information packages. Marken Communications works closely with clients to ensure that literature and information packages present a strong, consistent corporate image, while emphasizing the features and benefits of the specific product.

Sales Support

An area often overlooked by organizations is communications with the sales, representative, or dealer network. Marken Communications assists management in developing a strong effort in this area, including transmission of promotional activities and materials, training seminars and audio-visual presentations, sales meetings, and similar special activities.


Especially important in the communications mix, publicity economically builds awareness and understanding with a company's various publics. Marken Communications public relations efforts include news releases, feature articles, technical papers, press conferences,user articles, and corporate items in the consumer, trade/professional and financial press. The agency's excellent track record and relationship with key publications' editors help us achieve outstanding media exposure for clients throughout the year.

Client Periodical Publications

Internal and external publications and newsletters are very cost-effective methods of presenting the company, its messages, and its products to decision makers. Marken Communications regularly develops, coordinates, writes, produces, and distributes newsletters and magazines for clients in order to produce dramatic corporate and marketing results.

Financial Relations

For companies preparing to go public or who already are public, there is a strong need for an effective financial relations program aimed at the financial community, business/financial press, and shareholders. The agency tailors programs that include publicity, shareholder reports, brokerage presentations, and corporate news announcements all of which are aimed at enhancing the company's image and improving understanding.

Special Events

Bringing the company to a one-on-one basis with specific publics can have dramatic, positive effects on corporate image and sales. Marken Communications has staged a number of benefit dinners, dedications, grand openings, ground breakings, open houses, seminars, hospitality suite/cocktail parties, press conferences, and trade show activities.

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